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My passion for undies began when I was a child. My mother always told me, “make sure you always have nice underwear”, even though I knew this was something she couldn’t afford to do for herself. The times we shared visiting the Bendon factory shop were some of my fondest memories growing up. I had my first bra fitting there and now every time I visit home, I make a special trip and treat myself for old times’ sake.

After my solo move from New Zealand to the UK at 17, I worked for a couple of independently owned businesses and some very prestigious lingerie boutiques where I was able to continually fuel my passion for underwear. The most satisfying part of my job was helping other women feel fantastic. Having those intimate fitting room moments where you really feel you have made a huge difference to how somebody sees themselves which ultimately boosts their confidence. I began thinking, ‘why can’t we feel like this on a regular basis? How about every month having a special treat? With that in mind, Project Lingerie was born.

Project Lingerie is a monthly subscription service that’s a fun way to treat yourself or a loved one, to sexy surprises in the post. And what’s better than new lingerie for women who love this and partners who love them too. Featured on the golden sticker that seals the lingerie is my brand logo inspired by an artist’s life drawing of me. My message is: ’embrace your curves, they’re sexy’. This supports my body confidence belief encouraging women to be themselves; not strive towards unrealistic goals such as achieving thin bodies of airbrushed professional models.

I’m a passionate supporter of women and my mission is to inspire them to feel fantastic in their undies. Having been through my own body image issues and being asked, “have you ever thought of going on a diet?”, I truly understand how difficult it can be to accept yourself as you are. This is exactly why every box from Project Lingerie is sent out with a body-positive message and a personalised note to every recipient.

Please yourself every month and get gorgeous intimates delivered to your door.

Row xx

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About Project Lingerie


Project Lingerie is a monthly subscription service. Subscription boxes are a fun way to treat yourself, or gift a loved one, to exciting (and sexy) surprises in the post. And, what’s better than some new lingerie?

People are always searching for affordable little luxuries so they can treat themselves. That’s where Project Lingerie comes in. The service was created to be accessible to everyone on any budget. We all deserve to feel special and have some regular self-love. Looking and feeling pretty in undergarments really does make us feel confident when clothed.

PL offers dress sized lingerie across 3 packages (one – knickers only, two – surprise lingerie and swimwear) from modern and sexy brands including Playful Promises, Bettie Page Lingerie, Regalia, Bluebella, Gossard and Wolf and Whistle, who share my values of female empowerment and self confidence. Introducing PL’s new bra-sized lingerie boxes. Launched in June 2020, these two packages consist of bra-sized sets that make you feel all woman!

Not only does Project Lingerie offer fashionable, on-trend underwear and swimwear every month, now and again we treat you to a free beauty/lifestyle sample. When a subscriber’s birthday month comes around, there’s a little something extra included then too! Celebrate womanhood.