Where did it all begin? How PL was born

It’s been 4 years since my last visit home and since then, PL has been a dream and become a reality. During my latest visit back to New Zealand, I thought I’d share a bit more about my history and how PL began.

For starters, I would say I’m your typical ‘girl next door’ from the Shore (that’s the North Shore in Auckland for those of you who don’t know). I started working from a young age and paid for my own ballet lessons when I was six. Good work ethics and a sense of achievement were instilled into me by the funniest woman I’ll ever know, my mum.

I’ve always had an appreciation for dance and the female form. I dabbled in ballet, tap, jazz and rhythmic gymnastics. This appreciation transitioned into a blossoming love for lingerie. One of my fondest memories as a teenager was driving north to Silverdale (a town north of Auckland) and browsing all the lingerie at the Bendon factory shop. I was in heaven! This was also where I had my first bra fitting.

At 17, I made the bold decision to head solo to the UK. I wanted to explore and meet my extended family. I began my journey in Scotland and worked in a night club, then a shoe store until all my Christmases came at once; a new independent lingerie boutique opened! I worked closely with the owner for 5 wonderful years.

As my knowledge and expertise grew, I then moved to London where I worked for some very prestigious lingerie boutiques and continued to feed my passion for the underwear industry. The most satisfying part of my job was helping other women feel fantastic. I always wanted to work for myself so decided to take the leap and go for it! Project Lingerie was born.

I’m a passionate supporter of women and my mission is inspire them to feel body confident in lingerie. Having been through my own body image issues, I understand how difficult it can be to accept yourself as you are. Every box from Project Lingerie is sent out with a body positive message and a personalised note to the recipient.

Project Lingerie has just celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 22 April. Every day has its challenges but the rewards are far greater. When we receive feedback from subscribers saying how much they love it and how it makes them feel, that’s exactly why we do what we do. We look forward to welcoming you to the club.

Kisses, Row

Founder of Project Lingerie

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