Christmas Made Easy – A Lingerie Gift Guide

Guess what? You don’t have to set foot in a lingerie store this Christmas. No awkward, embarrassing questions or describing sizes with your cupped hands. You can sit back, relax and know that we’ve got your back. Know that a box of beautiful lingerie will be delivered, wrapped and ready to give without you having to lift a finger. Awesome right?

We’re gonna break it down real easy for you: buying your lady any type of lingerie doesn’t have to be difficult. Below is a few guidelines to think over before you get the credit card out. One more thing, we’d like to say thanks for stopping by to read this and a huge well done for actually having the balls to purchase lingerie in the first place!

Firstly, the size. Purchasing the correct size is pretty much the most important part. The unfortunate thing for you guys is bras can vary in size depending on the brand. Don’t worry, you’re not hitting a wall just yet. Have a peek in her lingerie drawer and look for her most commonly worn pieces. Remember; you’re looking for numbers and letters. For example, 32F. While undies and nightwear on the other hand should read the same as dress sizes. For example, 12 or M. Job done. The great news is our Divine and Deluxe packages feature matching bralette and knicker sets and these are dress sized and wire-free! If you know her bra size, add this in the notes section and we’ll make sure she gets something that will not only fit, but flatter her figure as well.

Secondly, what’s her style? Does she vamp it up like Dita Von Teese? Then look for sheer lace, satin or mesh designs. Definitely consider adding accessories like a suspender belt and stockings. We suggest our Deluxe package. Is she girly and romantic? Choose something feminine with lots of pretty lace and perhaps silk or satin fabrics, they’ll make her feel good. We’d say go Divine here. Or is she understated and cool? She’ll probably like blacks, whites or creams. Keep it simple, but, adding a little touch of lace would be an upgrade from her basics. We think our Delite package would work wonders here. Let us know the kind of stuff you think she’ll like in the notes section. Remember, it can always be a surprise for both of you to look forward to.

Lastly, what colour to choose? This depends entirely on your girl and her taste. We’ll assume you know her pretty well if you’re buying her undies. So, if you want this gift to reflect passion, seduction, lust; look for reds, blacks, purples or deeper shades of pink in luxurious lace, silk or satin fabrics. If you’re appealing to her sweet, feminine, romantic side; creams, pale pinks, pastels, florals with flirty frills are for you. We’ll do our best to source colours your lady will love, but it depends on what is available and in stock at the time. Winter collections tend to be in darker, richer tones.

Ready to get started? Head over to our sign up page where you can subscribe to a rolling monthly package or save money and get free boxes when you pay upfront for 6 or 12 months. Check that out here. As previously mentioned, leave details of any requests (preferred style/item, for example nightwear, suspender etc) in the notes section when you’re checking out. We now also offer one-off tasters on our Divine package and single purchase knickers For Her, For Him and For Couples. These make great little stocking fillers. Head to our shop for more details.

Tip: Blondes look good in pastels and great in black. Brunettes need richer blues and reds. Redheads look fabulous in green, blue and earthy tones. Most women can wear red, white or black but matching her gift to her colouring would be extra brownie points! If in doubt, what’s her favourite colour?

As with all gift buying, it’s really the thought that counts. You should be making her feel like a million dollars and confident in her own skin.

Team PL xx

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