Cotton VS Microfibre – what’s best?

Hello Beautiful! Since this has been one of our most popular blog pieces, we thought we’d update it and share it with you again.

When it comes to your current underwear collection, we all have our favourite undies that we can’t be without. Whether you’re in the market for performance or everyday comfort, there are many similar benefits to both cotton and microfibre. Read on to discover which one will suit your needs.


Some of you may already choose cotton underwear specifically because it’s a natural product and is hypoallergenic. Even when cotton is blended with other synthetic materials, it permits airflow. Cotton also wicks perspiration away from the body to keep you drier. This is especially important to women who have a tendency towards yeast infections.

Cotton undies will last extremely well if hand-washed and air dried and an added bonus is it doesn’t pill.  But, these days most of us lead such busy lives, we want to go down the easy-care route. When cotton is wet it’s 30% stronger than when dry so repeated washing won’t cause it to wear out, but as previously mentioned, unless it’s cared for by hand, it has a tendency to stretch and warp out of shape.

Cotton isn’t as smooth as man-made fibres which means it can bunch up underneath clothing and show a clear VPL. Not comfortable for working out at the gym when you need things to stay in place. Consider this a con.


The main focus here is fit, fabric and performance. The fabric is usually very breathable and wicks moisture away from the body which makes it an ideal choice for sporting activities or gym work. It’s also good for helping you feel cool while you’re abroad in warm climates.

The moisture wicking properties of microfibre tend to reduce odours. Many of the smells that build up in cotton underwear are related to bacteria that thrive in moist environments. The fabric fibres also have water-repellent characteristics which mean the fabric dries very quickly; perfect if you’re a traveller and it can save on energy bills! In most cases, the fabric can drip-dry in as little as an hour. Definitely a pro for those busy ladies.

However, it is often the case that microfibre undies are thicker than cotton. This can be a con if you wish to hide a visible panty line. These days, a lot of seamless microfibre undies are available.

So, as you can see, there are lots of pros for both microfibre and cotton. Ultimately the choice is yours. For us, the quick-drying, easy-care option does it every time. For those die hard cotton lovers out there; look after it and it will look after you. Just keep note of the care tips we have shared.

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