How It Works


Our mission is to send you sexy surprises every month that help you look and feel special. Hand-picked and beautifully wrapped. The perfect monthly treat.

Head to our  subscription page and personalise your box with your size, style and package.




Eagerly await your sexy surprise in the post. Remember, you can pause or cancel any time.

Start feeling more confident and proud of your body. Always look forward to the next sexy surprise.

The benefits – Our 3 C’s

Confidence – wearing the right piece of lingerie not only makes you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside. We all deserve to feel a million dollars.

Comfort – we believe only in the products we have tried, tested or researched personally. They must be beautiful as well as functional.

Convenience – choose the package that suits your lifestyle and your treat will be delivered to your door. We’re always available for personal, online advice.

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