How To: care for your swimwear


Swim care 101

August is all about Summer, sunshine and of course, holidays! From now on, we’ll be sharing our ‘how to’ hints & tips on all things lingerie. Since we have recently added swimwear to our collection, we thought we’d start there. Read on for all the tips you need when it comes to looking after your favourite swim pieces.

#1 – Rinse your swimwear with cold water after each wear. This serves to remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine, oils and even nasty bacteria. YUCK! To make it even easier, take your suit into a cold shower with you. Avoid wrapping your suit in a wet towel. This holds moisture and chemicals which will attack your suit!

#2 – Hand wash your swimwear. It’s so tempting and easy to machine wash, but even a gentle cycle uses heat and a tumbling motion. All you need to do is, put your suit in a sink of cold water for at least 5 minutes with a mild detergent. Always avoid bleach!

#3 – Gently squeeze out the water. Like machine washing, machine drying is way too rough for your lovely suit. Heat is the worst thing for it! Instead, roll up your suit, but be careful, don’t be tempted to wring it out. That twisting motion can be quite damaging.

#4 – Lay your suit out flat to dry. Never leave your suit exposed to direct sunlight. The heat can cause the same colour damage we’ve been trying to avoid since the beginning. We hope these tips help prolong the life of your fave suits so you can enjoy wearing them for longer.


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