Memoirs Of An Entrepreneur

Hi Lovelies, I’m home in beautiful New Zealand throughout April and felt it would be right to tell you about my story. Think of it like an introduction to my ‘Memoirs of an Entrepreneur’. And I may as well go as far back as childhood…here goes nothing!


I’m your typical ‘girl next door’ from the Shore (the North Shore of Auckland for those of you who don’t know). One childhood home that stands out in my mind was nestled about 5 houses up from the beach in Rothesay Bay. Sounds like a dream I know. At the age of six I began working with my older brothers and paid for my own ballet lessons with my wages. Good work ethics and a sense of achievement were instilled into me by the funniest woman I’ll ever know, my mum.

I’ve always had an appreciation for dance and the female form. I dabbled in ballet, tap, jazz and rhythmic gymnastics. This appreciation transitioned into a blossoming love for lingerie. One of my fondest memories as a teenager was driving north to Silverdale (a small town north of central Auckland) and browsing all the gorgeous lingerie at the Bendon shop. I was in heaven!

At 17, I made the bold decision to head solo to the UK. I wanted to explore and meet my extended family. My journey began in Scotland and I worked in a night club, then a shoe store until all my Christmases came at once; a new independent lingerie boutique opened! I worked closely with the owner for 5 wonderful years. I knew I wanted to work for myself one day so I guess that entrepreneurial spirit was always inside me.

Self Love

When we’re little girls, we are so full of confidence. We let our bellies hang out, sing out loudly in public and dance like nobody’s watching. The beauty of carefree innocence. I would say I was definitely a very happy child. However, we blossom into womanhood and discover people who want to put us down, make us feel worthless and judge our bodies until all that confidence is gone.

As I entered my teenage years, my weight went up and down like a yo-yo. I only had to look at a milkshake and I gained a few pounds. I began my first relationship and was at a point in life where I was feeling pretty damn good. Then, as real life happens, I got very ‘comfortable’ and the weight gain crept on over the following 5 years until I reached a dress size 18-20.

I started to realise I was becoming unhappy within myself and the relationship. When you’re aware of weight gain and you feel pretty down about it, the last thing you need is your partner’s father asking you, “have you ever thought about going on a diet?” Charming. FYI, he was no oil painting himself! Like I said previously, there’s people out there that just want to bring you down.

But all was not lost. No matter how low I felt and my lack of usual confidence, lingerie was always my best friend. The lace, the fabrics, the detailing, has always made me feel feminine, sexy and empowered no matter what size I was. Soon after the above interaction, I decided the entire relationship was toxic and not for me. I plucked up the courage and left. I lost weight (FOR MYSELF) and never felt better!


As my knowledge and expertise of the lingerie industry grew, my newly ‘single’ self moved to London where I worked for some very prestigious lingerie boutiques and continued to feed my passion for undies. The most satisfying part of my job was helping other women feel fantastic in their bodies. I decided to take the leap, work for myself and give it all I had! Project Lingerie was born.

As a passionate supporter of women and self love, my mission is to inspire them to feel body confident every day and in their lingerie. Having been through my own body image issues, I understand how difficult it can be to accept yourself as you are or gain the courage to do something for YOU. Every box from Project Lingerie is sent out with a body positive message and a personalised note to the recipient.

Right Now

On this return trip home I have luckily managed to catch up with my ballet teacher, shop in Bendon and visit Rothesay Bay beach. See the beautiful images below. I will also be celebrating Project Lingerie’s 3rd anniversary on Sunday 21 April. I cannot believe it has come around so fast! Every day has its challenges but the rewards are far greater. When I receive feedback from subscribers saying how much they love it and how it makes them feel, that is exactly why I’m doing this.

Throughout April, all boxes will include a mini bath bomb from Bee Beautiful cosmetics. To celebrate the 3rd anniversary there’ll be something special included throughout May. Remember, I have monthly giveaways running so if you want the chance to win, check out PL’s social media channels for all the details.

Future Plans

My aim is to launch a crowd funding campaign to get the men’s subscription out there! Women deserve to feel special every month but that doesn’t mean men have to miss out. Look out for updates via the newsletter and social media posts. If you’re not signed up or follow us, make sure you do for all the exciting updates. I’d really appreciate your support with this.

Once again, HUGE thanks to all the subscribers, supporters and followers over the past 3 years! Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I look forward to sharing the continued evolution of Project Lingerie with you all.

Row xx


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