Self Love September – It’s All About You


September is all about self love and boosting your confidence. Did you know that more than 90% of UK women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Two-thirds of them believe life would dramatically improve if they were happier with their hips, thighs or weight. Tragic isn’t it?

But, don’t worry, it’s not all bad. In order to celebrate and practice self love, your body doesn’t have to change. Only the way you treat it. Read on for some self love tips that can take you from the body hating blues towards body confidence bliss.

Focus on feeling

When you exercise, you release happy hormones. Walk, dance, swim, try new group classes, anything! Focus on how these activities make you FEEL. Stop telling yourself, “I need to exercise to lose weight”. Exercise to feel good!

Show your body some self love

Instead of saying, ‘I hate my thighs’, tell yourself: thick thighs save lives. Own those curves girlfriend! Be proud of your thighs. They’re strong and they give you the ability to do the things you love. Some people aren’t that lucky.

Don’t lose yourself to competitive self-criticism

When one of your girlfriends has a moan about her appearance, don’t attempt to one-up her. Compliment her instead. Celebrate yourselves and focus on the positives. You’ll be surprised at how much better you both feel. (best enjoyed over a glass of prosecco).

Think positive thoughts

Take a moment to think about three things you like about your body, or three compliments other people have given you (or both! The more the merrier). Write these down, preferably on post-it notes, and stick them on your mirror. Every morning they’ll be a positive reminder of self love and help boost your spirits when that nasty body anxiety threatens to kick in.

Make time for self care

Start small in the body pampering department by simply wearing your favourite perfume every day. You’ll be surprised at how fabulous you feel. Build simple self care rituals into your day to day life, from exfoliating and moisturising your body, painting your fingers and toes, to treating yourself to a luxury massage. Bliss.

Freshen up your lingerie

I’ve fluctuated in dress sizes over the years and have been a UK 10-12 to an 18-20. What’s the one thing that has always helped me feel feminine? New lingerie. The power of lace compels you! Freshen up your drawers and indulge in some delightful new delicates. Is there a subscription service out there that can deliver beautiful monthly undies? Oh yes! SUBSCRIBE NOW

Stand tall and proud

What’s the fastest way to enhance body confidence I hear you asking? Well, walk, stand or sit up straight! Simple. It will make you look taller, slimmer and feel more confident. Bonus.

Give zero fucks

Society tells us we aren’t good enough. Marketers and advertisers want you to buy their products so you can finally feel ‘good enough’ or ‘accepted’. The truth is, you’re already good enough and the sooner you believe it and don’t care what others say is ‘beautiful’, ‘healthy’ or ‘fashionable’, the happier you’ll be.

I hope these tips help you on your journey to a more positive mindset and to believe in yourself and your self worth. You are beautiful.

Treat yourself to some delicates in the post and subscribe to lingerie happiness today.

Row xx


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